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My future profesion. Auditing ECLAT

My future profesion. Auditing ECLAT
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My future profesion
It is not easy to decide what profession to choose. Usually, pupils plants for the future chonge many times during school years. There are so many people who influence you in choosing you accupation parent’s and very important role in yeur choise. Teachers influence on pupils minds is also great.
There are some frivolus people who enter on institute thinking whether they like the profession or not.
But accupation you want to devote yeur life to has to bring you satisfaction so it should be some thing you can do and you really want to.
I want to become an accountant. It is very interesting and necessary profession.
The fundamental work of accountant is to make different calculations. It is a great economic responsibility. It is not as easy as it may sum at first. Every figure is very important. I hope that I shall be &&&&&&&&&& accountant.

Assets are what business owns, but they are also more than that. Assets include productive items that contribute to generating income, as well as intangibles of value such as patents or copyrights. Assets include the following:
Account &&&&&&&&&&&&
Assets, then, are things such as property patents, and machines that have money valee. Liqidity refers to how fast an asset can be converted to cash. For example, land is considered highly non-liquid because it takes much time and paper work to sell land.
Based, on liquidity assets are devided into three categories.
Current assets
Fixed assets.
Intanyibll assets.

Accounting is the recording classifying, summarizing and intepresing of financial events and transactions to provide management and other interested parties the information they need to make better decisions.
Transactions include buying and selling goods and services, acquiring insurance, using supplies. Transactions may de recorded by hand or they may recorded in a computer system.
After the transactions have been recorded they a usually classified into groups that have common characteristics. A businessperson is thus able to obtain needed information about parchases, sales, and other transactions that occur over a giver period of time.
The methods used to record and summarize accounting bata into reports is called an accounting system.
Another is to report financial information to people outside the firm cuch a owners, creditors, supplies, employees an the government. Accounting has been called the language of business.

Auditing ECLAT
Auditing is the oldest area of practice, which remains the largest for many firms.
An audit is an examination of a company’s financial statements in order to express an opinion about the fairness of those statements in short, an audit is the checking of accounting, calculation and main documents.
When a company wants to borrow lands from a bank or have its stock listed on a stock exchange, it must present statements regardiny its financial affairs.
The auditing firm is an organization, which has the license to provide the audit activity.
The public accounting consists of an audit conclusion, balance and calculation about income and losses. The audit is conducted on the reason of agreement between an auditor and a castomer.

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