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he importance of listening

he importance of listening
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The importance of listening

I. Introduction.
II. The main part:
1. Tapescript.
2. Transcription.
3. Exercises.
III. Vocabulary work: synonyms, antonyms, word families.
IV. Conclusion.

The importance of listening
Begin by establishing the importance of listening:
- We cannot develop speaking skills unless we also develop listening skills; to have a successful conversation. Students must understand what is said to them. Later, the ability to understand spoken English may become very important (for listening to the radio, understanding foreign visitors, studying, etc.). To develop this ability, students need plenty of practice in listening to English spoken at normal speed.
- Listening to spoken English is an important way of acquiring the language – of ‘picking up’ structures and vocabulary. In a situation where learners are living in a country where English is the first language, they plenty of ‘exposure’ to the language – they hear it all the time, and can acquire it more easily than learners who do not hear English spoken around them. So it need to give these learners as much apportunity to listen to spoken English as possible.
In class, we are usually concerned with ‘Focussed’ listening: we listen for a particular purpose, to find out information we need to know. Examples of this kind of listening are: listening to a piece of important news on the radio; listening to someone explaining how to operate a machine. In these situations, we listen much more closely; but we do not listen to everything we hear with equal concentration – we listen for the most important points or for particular information. Usually, we know beforehand what we are listening for (the things we want to know), and this helps us to listen.
The debate about the use of authentic listening material is just as fierce in listening material is just as fierce in listening as it is in reading. If, for example, we play a tape of a political speech to complete beginners, they won’t understand a word. You could argue that such a tape would at least give them a feel for the sound of the language, but beyond that it is difficult to see what they would get out of it. If, on the other hand, we give them a realistic (though not authentic) tape of a telephone conversation, they may learn much more about the language – and start to gain confidence as a result.
Everything depends on level, and the kind of tasks that go with a tape. There may well be some authentic material which is usable by beginners such as pre-recorded announcements, telephone messages etc. More difficult material may be appropriate for elementary students provided that the questions they are asked do not demand detailed understanding. Advanced students may benefit from scripted material provided that it is interesting and subtle enough – and provided the tasks that go with it are appropriate for their level.
Since, as it was said, listening to tapes is a way of bringing different. Kinds of speaking into the classroom, it is wanted to play different kinds of tape to them, e.g. announcements, conversations, telephone exchanges, leetures, interviews, other radio programmes, stories read aloud etc.

Tape programme to corposy indirections to:
A listening speaking skills book. Second adition by Judis Tuka.
Chapter 1. Education and student plays.
Part 1. Phonological clubs. Page 2.
Context: A following conversation between an American teacher and a foreign student takes place on the college campas. This is there first meaning.
Pre-reading questions:
Where do you think they are going?
Who will start the conversation?
What time of year is it?
Is anything else you would like to know about them?
Getting the main idea.
A. Listen to the conversation. Listen to the main ideas only.
- Excuse me. Could you tell me where Camble Hall is?
- Oh, you mean Camble Hall?
- Yes, that’s right.
- It’s right to be there.

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