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Rammstein is a band that was formed in . They have dubbed their NDH-genre ("Dance metal"), and it incorporates elements of /, and . The songs are performed almost exclusively in . They have sold over 10 million records worldwide.
Rammstein's entire catalogue is published by .
The band
Rammstein takes its name indirectly from the western German town of , site of an in . The band's signature song, the eponymous "", is a commemoration of the tragedy that took place at the . The extra "m" in the band's name allows the word to translate literally as "ramming stone" or "", reinforcing the image of the band's music as fierce and relentless. Despite lyrics that are in , the band has enjoyed success outside of Germany, both in Europe, North America as well as Japan, Australia and New Zealand. With the album (2004), they became the most successful German-language band of all time internationally. Rammstein has had several top ten singles in Germany.
Rammstein brings on the flamethrowers during - , , .
The band's members all come from the former , specifically and . They are:

Riedel, Schneider and Kruspe were the original founders of Rammstein, following an attempt by the latter to compose American-influenced music with a band called . As Kruspe put it, "I realized it's really important to make music and make it fit with your language, which I didn't do in the past. I came back [to Germany] and said, 'It's time to make music that's really authentic.' I was starting a project called Rammstein to really try to make German music." He invited Till Lindemann, a basket weaver and drummer for the band , to join the project as a vocalist. The four entered a contest for new bands and won, attracting the interest of Paul H. Landers, who knew them all and decided to join the band. Christian "Flake" Lorenz was the last member to join; he had played with Landers before in the band and was initially reluctant to come on board, but was eventually persuaded to join. Their first album was released a year later. They have been nominated for two Best Metal Performance : in 1999 with the song "" and in 2005 with the song "".
Rammstein audio samples
"" ()
"" ()
"" ()
Although Rammstein is often generalized as or — especially in Germany — as (New German hardness), its music spans a variety of related styles, including and . The band was strongly influenced by , a and group. Other influences include (Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft), and , but the contrast between individual songs such as "Bestrafe mich", "" and "!" makes the band difficult to classify.
Richard Zven Kruspe, guitarist and founder.
Rammstein's style has tended to divide critics, some of whom have responded with memorably dismissive comments. Jam Showbiz (April 2001) described as "music to invade to." 's Southland Times (Dec. 17, 1999) suggested that Till Lindemann's "booming, sub-sonic voice" would send "the peasants fleeing into their barns and bolting their doors." The (Jan. 9, 2005) commented that on the stage, "Mr. Lindemann gave off an air of such brute masculinity and barely contained violence that it seemed that he could have reached into the crowd, snatched up a fan, and bitten off his head." Other critics have been more positive. Stephen Thomas Erlewine of commented that "their blend of industrial noise, grinding metal guitars, and operatic vocals is staggeringly powerful". "We just push boundaries," said Till Lindemann in an interview with rock magazine . "We can't help it if people don't like those boundaries being pushed."
Despite Rammstein's brutalist image, many of its songs lyrics demonstrate a certain sense of humour. "Zwitter", for example, is a bizarre take on (and ) through the persona of a :
Wenn die anderen Mдdchen suchten (When the others searched for girls)
Konnt ich mich schon selbst befruchten (I could already fertilize myself)
Similarly, the song "" features a adaptation of the normal chorus:
We're all living in Amerika
, ! Usually Amerika ist wunderbar (wonderful), in one chorus is sung as "Coca-Cola, sometimes war"
We're all living in Amerika
Amerika, Amerika!
Some of their songs show unexpected influences.

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