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It is possible that this phenomenon is an «implemented guarantee» from the informational imperialism, from subordination of the entire world to one the most informed country. And the total mortification of the conscious of other countries with the help of information technologies is impossible because of differences in cultural aspect which automatically defend minimal intellectual and information sovereignty of each nation separately. But it would be too naive to hope for it as the major resolution of the forthcoming problems under the circumstances of gradual integration of cultures into united culture for the whole world (On the first stage into three major cultures — Christian, Islamic and Buddhistic).

Taking into consideration a private case of information war – «culture aggression» (i.e. obtrusion of its own culture to the society the potential of which it does not correspond) as an instrument of international competition (applied only mainly in the inconscient way, in the order of markets winning for sale — the carries of such culture), we should re-estimate the role playing by traditions.

Traditions are the psychological protection from something new: it is the attempt to live as if nothing has happened. In the conditions of reconstruction of mass conscious of actual and probable competitors of the tradition starts to act not like an ostrich, but it goes through minimization of negative consequences in changes having «squatter» order: attempt to cancel by ignoring of these charges or cancellation of their major part. I.e. it is a spontaneous reflection of the information attack by the information method.

* * *

The above said means that creation and distribution of meta-technologies reduces significance of financial resources from the point of view of competitiveness of the societies and corporations: if they have been the main source of power earlier, now they become only its consequence. Intellect has become the main source of the market power. Intellect is embodied in organizational structures of the research and market corporations creating meta-technologies and holding control over such technologies.

Rephrasing Mr. M. Fridman we can say that money recedes into the background after creation of the information society. The reason lies in the following: that property right for the meta-technologies makes an organically inalienable part of the holder and his intellect, with the help of which these technologies have been created and are supported, according to technological reasons.

Meta-technologies in a greater degree will transform in a «second nature» making the borders and creating conditions for development of the personality and the humanity in general. As such these technologies will gradually exchange market relationship and property rights performing these functions since the moment of money appearance.

1.2. New resources for new technologies

Disintegration of the USSR has given to the developed countries such a financial and intellectual possibility that they were able to speed up their development on the «lagan» of the disintegrated USSR (differences in orientations and correspondingly outlook for Europe and the USA shows that the first one has got finances and the latter – intellect). Thus, having won in the cold war developed countries not only destroyed their global antagonist as we have got used to consider but they managed to do more: they have captured and used its resources which were truly speaking dreadfully used (the socialism differed from the capitalism also in the fact that on preparing the best in the world people resources it united them into organizations in the worst way).

It has a principal importance that in the new information postindustrial world the most important resources are first of all finances and intellect, which may travel very easily from one territory to another, but not the territory with fixed production and people.

That is why the appeal to the people from developed countries, who are capable to organize system of government, had no sense in the nineties: new major resources for development are not attached to a certain territory! Nowadays the effective frontier consists not only in recovery of the society within such a territory but otherwise in isolation within the society with further exemption from its main part of healthy and progressive elements, i.e. people – carriers of finances and intellect.

In such method of frontier the progress of the more developed «frontiering» society goes at expense of degradation of the society on frontier, and the scales of degradation of the society on destruction outgo victory in culture and in progress of the more developed society. As compared with traditional harmonic processes of development, development at expense of a alien degradation has always the character of a «play with negative sum».

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