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Thus, distribution of information technologies has changed on a qualitative level value of resources placing on the top position intellect and finances, which are more mobile nowadays. It has changed the process of cooperation between developed and developing countries: constructive frontier of the last by the latter with the help of direct investments into the real sector has started to climb down to the destructive frontier with the help of exemption of financial and intellectual resources.

Understanding of realias and consequences of such transformation has given birth to the theory of «dead countries»: under influence of the new information imperialism, the developing countries become actually «dead», as they irretrievably loose not only the most important intellectual resources for development but also the possibility to produce them. This leaves nothing in store for them.

1.3. Old technologies «depreciation»

Irreversible lag of the developing countries is creating not only by the reason of «wash» from them of the most valuable under the new conditions resources, and also due to collapse of the usefulness of traditional resources and technologies which these societies dispose. As the most important result of each new level of development of the humanity from the point of view of the practical politics is comparative depreciation of all «old» technologies and products or their appliance as they are distributed.

Depth of such depreciation will be in proportion to the primitiveness of the «old» technologies and to the level of monopolization and competitiveness of the market of such technology products. In accordance with this rule we have a depreciation first of all technologies of the mineral industry because of distribution of the information technologies. First of all this process influences oil, world market of which is liberalized in the most extent.

And as the result of it we have a regular reduction of its price in the world market (in 1999 according to estimations to the level of no more than 8 dollar per barrel) that is followed not so much by the agreement between the USA corporation and the Saudi Arabia but more deeper factor: creation of new information technological lifestyle which has new qualitative level. Such lifestyle has started depreciation of the previous lifestyles by the fact of its appearance.

That is why reduction of prices all over the world for the raw materials and in a broader sense for the products engaging little intellectual work will become a tendency deviation from which will be non-significant fluctuations. In this sense the USA actively placing its not so much ecologically but intellectually «impure», i.e. too simple productions has got a maximal guard from negative consequences of their own technical breakthrough.

* * *

Summing up the above said we may make a list of consequences for new technologies development:

• Exacerbation and acquisition of final – at the same time keeping the existing tendencies – compelling character between:

 developed and the rest countries;

 creating new technological principles by the developed countries (it is possible that we should use the term «the most developed / advanced countries») and the rest developed countries;

• Insulation, which take place in all countries, of people engaged in information technologies into internal «information community», its concentration in the territory of the developed countries; slow concentration of the «information community» of the world and together with it concentration of the world progress in the «most developed» countries;

• progress termination or its abrupt slowdown (at least technical) beyond the developed countries; social and financial degradation of the developing countries;

• reduction of the number of developed and the most developed countries because of hard competition.



2.1. Competition globalization – monopolies globalization

The process of distribution of information technologies is influenced by the process of globalization which is created by the process of distribution of information technologies but which has the same level of importance. Formation of the united world markets at least in the financial sphere and gradual integration of the global markets of different financial instruments into united world market includes into the agenda the question referring to creation of the global monopolies.

The reason of it is very simple: it is impossible to divide a single market.

Well-known examples of market division had either quite a short period of existence, as compared with the term of existence of the domination product, or were based on objective backsets. That made access to a part of competitors to any principally significant element of the market more complicated.

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