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Why is it so important to learn foreign language?

Why is it so important to learn foreign language?
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The study of foreign language gives students tremendous advantages. As the world becomes a global village and interaction within and amongst countries increases, the need for understanding people who speak different languages is growing. Earlier, learning a language was more of a hobby. But today, individuals proficient in more than one language can use it to their advantage, both personally and professionally.

Language skills on their own are of very little value. What matters is the framework of technical, professional or practical skills within which a person can apply a language. There are very few careers for which languages are the primary skill required, but for a growing number of careers, the knowledge of an additional language is a useful, and sometimes essential, secondary skill.

It is considered that any educated person have to know at least one foreign language otherwise he or she will lost many opportunities like reading books in original and communication with educated people from other countries.

At first English for me was like a hobby. But then I discovered that I need it for my future profession as it is used widely in Internet, programming, documentation for software etc.

English is known to be the international language. That’s why it’s so popular.

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