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Robin Hood and the Butcher

Robin Hood and the Butcher
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Robin Hood and the Butcher

The sheriff of Nottingham hated Robin Hood even more. He was happy when he could catch one of Robin's men and put him into prison. But he could not cat Robin. Robin Hood went to Nottingham very often but he was always dressed in different clothes and the sheriff could not recognize him. So Robin was never caught. One day he was walking through the forest and met a butcher. This butcher was riding to the market at Nottingham. He was dressed in a blue coat. On each side of his grey horse hung a basket full meat. Robin came out from behind the trees and stopped him.

"What have you, my good friend?" he asked. "Meat," answered the man. "Fine meat for Nottingham Market. Do you want to buy some?"

"Yes, I do," said Robin. "I'll buy it all from you, and your horse, too. How much do you want? I want to be a butcher and go to Nottingham Market." So the butcher sold his horse and all the meat to

Robin. Then Robin changed clothes with him. He put on the butcher’s blue clothes and the butcher went away in Robin’s green suit.

to recognize—узнать

to ride (rode; ridden) — ехать верхом

a basket — корзина

a prison—тюрьма

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Реферат на тему: Robin Hood and the Butcher

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