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Business English

Business English
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Business English, учебник F.W. King, Units 3-6, для специальности Мировая экономика


[6] An enquiry from an import/export agent on behalf of a Client

A. B. White & CO. Ltd. 567 Queen Street

Import and Export London, EC4 8YH

Directors: A.B. White, 7.0. Pearson Telephone: 4946130

JR/ph 31 January 197S

The Exaelso Company Ltd. High Uyoombe, Bucks. B34 1WE

We have just received an enquiry from a multi-national organisation owning several luxury hotels in East Africa. They care opening а пеы hotel next springs and have asked us to submit quotations for furniture and fittings in aooopdanoe with the attached list.

The articles in question must be hard-nearing'and up-to-date in design, and delivery by February of next year is essential. Vill you please let us lovm, therefore, whether you will be able to complete, an order for the. quantities required-within the time at your disposal.

He will also be glad to have an estimate for the number of containers required and the approximate cost of packing.

Please let us have your quotation as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully


[5] Enquiry from an export merchant who has not been able to obtain satisfactory deliveries from his regular suppliers

A.ZIMMERLIA.G. Import-Export Mschants ZURICH

Messrs. W.H. Strong ana Co.

73 Crimea Road

London SE25 3NF

Zhgland 23 april


Dear Sirs

We have been given your nane by our aRanclntgis' J.J. Hieller of Basle, «ho iJifoan us that they have been doing business with you for sane fifteen years. Me asked than if they knew of a manufacturer «ho might be able to supply at very short notice the articles specified on the enclosed list, and they advised us to contact you.

He can explain 1л confidence that our nonnal supplier has rather let us down1 on delivery dates this year, and we are in clanger of getting Into arrean^with seine of our overseas contracts.

If. you can supply the goods we require, please accept: this as our older.

Payment will be made in accordance with your usual tezms of business.

We hope you will be able to help us In this instance, and can add that if your products and tanoe are as oompetiti've ae we have been led to believe, we will be interested in a long-term contract with you.

We would appreciate a reply by telex.

[4] Enquiry from an import agent in India to a British export manufacturer


General Import Merchants


Weatherproof Ltd. Newtown Liverpool L30 7KE

We have now been importing your "Litewate" raincoats for a number of years, and our trade connections throughout India have bean more than satisfied with the garments.

However, two от three Indian manufacturers have recently launched ultra- lightweight models, and these are catching en' very fast. In view of the increased competition this involves, we wander whether you have considered marketing a coat of rather lighter material than the "Literate", but equally waterproof. A garment of this type would have a large sale in this country if you could offer it at a competitive price, that. is to say not more than Ј3.50 for a man's model, and slightly less for a woman's. You will be interested to learn that raincoats being produced here suffer from one major drawback, namely excessive condensation on the inside surface.

We would be grateful for your preliminary comnents as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully

[3] Letter to an agent


Photographic Dealer DURBAN

J. White « Co. Ltd.

254 Smuts Avenue

Cape Town 5 May


Dear Sirs

I see fxcm the Camera Review that you are the South African agents for

Messrs. Derby and Sens of London.

Would you please send me price lists and catalogues for all DERVIEW products you stock, as well as details of discounts and terms of payment.

Are you prepared to grant special terms for annual orders totalling В

35,000 in value?

I would appreciate a visit from your representative when he is next in the

Durban area: perhaps he could bring sane samples of DERVIEW colour transparencies, which are attracting a good deal of Interest here.

I look forward to your reply. Yours faithfully

[2] From an Australian engineering concern to a British supplier




HS/ja 25 Jun» 1978

The Aluminium Alloy Co. Ltd. 79 Prince Albert St. Birmingham B21 8DJ Great


We have seen your advertisement in The Metal Worker, and would be grateful if you would kindly send. us details of your aluminium fittings.

Please quote us for the supply of the items listed on the enclosed enquiry fon», giving your prices, c.i.f. Melbourne. Will you please also indicate delivery tines, your terms of payment, and details of discounts for regular purchases and large orders.

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