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The 70-th anniversary

The 70-th anniversary
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The 70-th anniversary.

Our teachers and students have prepared for their 70-th anniversary for more than a year. During the last few years all meetings and arrangements at the Technical School were devoted to this date.

Administrative teaching staff and the Methodical Council announced a competition among the Subject commissions and classrooms.

So in 2000 a Subject commission of management and marketing became the winner and in 2001 Russian and Literature classroom took the first place.

The winners were awarded with valuable presents which help to improve educational process. ( TV sets, cameras and so on.).

Different kinds of sports competitions were held among the students as great attention is given to sports activities at our Technical School.

Sport is an essential part of our daily life. School teams were a great success at the competitions held among the educational institutions of our town.

Amateur art activities are very popular among our students who made glad not only their classmates and teachers but the inhabitants of

Pyatigorsk too. Our students became the winners of the festival "The

Students' Spring – 2000".

We have a traditional contest "The Student of a year". In 2001 a third year student of the Management Department Andreasyan Tamara was the winner.

The Preparatory Committee was headed by Deputy Directors O.V. Kovalyova and A.M. Kartashov.

A.V. Poplavskaya with a group of students studied thoroughly the history of the Technical School. They worked at the archives, met and corresponded with graduates and former teachers. The result of this work was a Technical School Museum which renewed its work on the 27-th of April,

2001, the day of our anniversary. The museum tells us about the history of the Technical School.

Our sponsors among whom were former graduates M.M. Mosheev, A.N. Bonus,

E.D. Mardahayev, U.A. Timoshenko, some enterprises PLC "Holod", sanatorium

"Rodnik" and many others gave a real help in celebrations.

The jubilee celebrations lasted from April 20 till 27. During this week, a lot of events took place at our Technical School: students' art exhibition, the exhibition of cookery, graduates' meeting; photo- exhibition and many others.

Students' art exhibition was really remarkable. The students of the 1 –

4 courses and of all specialties took part in it. The visitors were impressed by works greatly. The exhibits were made of different materials: wood, straw, glass, bone, stone. Their works were distinguished by a romantic perception of life and nature. The artistic language was simple and clear. But what impressed mostly – is the variety of genres: painting, sculpture, embroidery, knitting, musical compositions, batik and many others. Subject-matter was various: "Students' life", "Nature", "Folk motifs", "Study of local lore", "Abstract Art", "Portraits". It was pleasant to know that out students are interested in old traditions. But they are also good at making new ones.

And we are sure now that there are a lot of gifted, talented, keen people here. They reflected in their works world view, readiness to mystification, practical jokes, disposition, analysis, vigilance.

The cookery exhibition was organized during this week too. With the help of the teachers the students did their best. It was a great success.

The dishes of the Culinary Association of Caucasian Mineral Waters were also represented there.

All in all the students showed 27 special banquet dishes, made at a high professional level. While making sweet dishes and pastry the students showed fantasy. Everything looked very realistic. The tarts "Fruit basket" and "Opened book" were awarded a prize. The exhibition was in limelight.

Its motto was "Art of cookery is the source of delicious and healthy food". The Association of Culinary Experts of KMV. (president A.N. Sobolev) also represented the dishes of high culinary trade. The jubilee panel made of multi–colored macaroni foods attracted special attention.

The exhibition showed that the students and teachers of Technological

Department work with enthusiasm and love for their profession.

As you know well served table is the top of hospitality. An attractive food service style adds to the attractiveness of meal. Another important part of the meal service is correct table setting. Any meal will be tasty when eaten at a nicely covered table and you shouldn't limit your fantasy here.

Anniversary celebrations at our Technical School gave rise to imagination of 3-d year students of the Department of "Service organization at public catering establishments". They created their own compositions of holiday tables. Their fantasy in choosing the theme of tables settings was unique.

Competent judges with A.N. Sobolev a President of Culinary Association of KMV at the head had to appraise the creative work of future specialists in the sphere of service.

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