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The Volyn region is situated in the north-western part of Ukraine. It covers the territory of 20 thousand square kilometers and has a population of over a million people.

The region may be subdivided into 2 areas: the lowland in the north, comprising three quarters of its territory, and the plateau in the south. About a quarter of its territory is covered with forests which are very rich in berries and mushrooms. The fauna is rather abundant here: deer, fox, wild bear, hare, wolf can be found in Volynian forests. Besides forests, one can find here succulent meadows, low-lying marsh lands and fields

There are many rivers and lakes in the region. They give much beauty to the countryside. The longest among the rivers are: the Western Bug, the Turia, the Styr. There are 220 lakes on the territory of the Volyn region, among them the Svitiaz, the largest lake of Ukraine. It is known for its pure and mild water. It is a beloved place of rest. There are many holiday camps on its shores.

In the Volyn region winters are not very cold and summers are not very hot.

The Volyn region, is not very rich in minerals resources, but it has the deposit of coal, peat, chalk and clay.

The Volyn region is divided into 15 administrative districts. Besides, it has 4 towns of regional subordination (Lutsk, Kovel, Volodymyr – Volynskyi and Novovolynsk).

Our region is rich an historic events. It can tell much about the uprising led by Severyn Nalyvaiko, the Haidomaky movement, the historic battle near Berestechko.

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Реферат на тему: Volyn

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