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Morphological Analysis (C.S. Lewis “The Chronicles of Narnia”)

Morphological Analysis (C.S. Lewis “The Chronicles of Narnia”)
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Реферат з англійської мови

Morphological Analysis (C.S. Lewis “The Chronicles of Narnia”)


Shift, Puzzle, skin, lion, burial, lions, ideas, head, Puzzle, Shift, skin, coat, Donkey, Beasts, Shift, way, Apes, Great Lion, Aslan, ass, lion-skin, Puzzle, Shift, ass, things, sort, things, Puzzle, Pool, turn, way, Puzzle, Shift, river, Chippingford, oranges, bananas, Shift, Puzzle, Ape, thing, day, Chippingford, Puzzle, Shift, paws, tree, branch, time, house, needle, thread, pair, scissors, Ape, Dwarfs, ball, thread, stuff, cord, thread, mouth, cheek, bit, toffee, needle, lips, scissors, paw, tree, lion-skin, work. 74 14,7%


Same, we, it, I, you, who, you, you, your, you, your, we, this, you, I, I, that, it, I, other, that, I, what, you, himself, I, it, himself, me, you, that, you, you, you, me, your, I, you, you, me, I, you, I, I, everything, I, you, some, I, that, I, you, I, you, it, me, my, it, something, I, you, I, anything, you, it, that, I, you, what, you, they, any, I, you, you, something, you, it, he, he, he, his, he, himself, his, he, he, him, he, it, his, his, he, he, his, his, he, he. 98 19,4%


Said, belonged, ought, give, mean, are, know, do, see, do, start, getting, said, know, thinking, is, will, make, do, think, would, like, said, would, look, mean, might, think, is, say, should, feel, are, talking, said, scratching, do, do, think, would, be, went, dressed, do, said, stand, arguing, please, said, does, know, know, are, thinking, do, let, do, thinking, do, treat, treat, do, think, can, do, know, are, am, is, let, go, knew, would, do, can, have, comes, can, do, can, am, be, allowed, do, do, be, turn, turn, put said, tell, said, would, take, trot, see, have, am, tired, pleaded, are, said, want, warm, trot, would, be, is, said, would, go, was, went, shambling, reached, swung, chatering, grinning, went, found, was, had, taught, sew, put, was, bulged, were, sucking, held, took, came, got, shambled, squatted. 135 26.7%


All, dumb, wild, decent, all, strong, fine, warm, winter, wrong, respectful, like, like, good, better, better, fair, better, good, brisk, tired, cold, wet, brisk, market, alone, own, all, little, big, clever, thick, like, big, left. 35 6,9%


Even, only, rather, well, rather, solemn, about, up, now, about, why, why, as, why, why, when, never, about, well, of course, down, as, far, as, so, very, up, just, besides, up, today, then, as, of course, soon, as, sometimes, then, sometimes, there, how, more, so, that, out, as, then, down, across, down, so. 51 10,1%


Two, four. 2 0,4%


To, to, of, into, into, for, to, to, to, in, of, at, for, at, than, into, but, to, to, to, but, but, to, at, along, on, on, tiff, from, to, into, of, for, to, of, than, into, of, between, in, to, to. 43 8,5%


If, because, because, if, as, and, and, if, and, if, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, if, and, and, and. 24 4,8%


Not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not, not. 14 2,8%


The, the, a, a, a, the, the, the, an, a, an, the, a, a, the, the, the, a, a, the, the, a, the, the, the, the. 26 5,1%


Oh, oh, well. 3 0,6%

Total: 505 100%

Morphemic Analysis

(C.S. Lewis “The Chronicles of Narnia”)



He, saw, at, once, that, body, be, too, long, for, Puzzle, neck, short, cut, good, piece, make, long, collar, the, head, sewed, in, between, shoulders, threads, on, both, sides, skin, under, chest, stomach, every, now, then, bird, pass, Shift, stop, would, work, want, see, he, but, matter, late, Puzzle, came, back, only, along, way, donkeys, do, any, oranges, bananas, very, tired, lay, down, come, try, your, valley, hard, new, coat, Shift, bother, old, that, skin, the, morning, think, all, day, long, while, walk, down, my, paws, can, hold, these, scissors, look, care, and, dear, sorry, horrid, love, splendid, me, please, stand, still, heavy, lift, end, tied, legs, tail, grey, nose, face, thought, open, mouth, real, moment, never, just, mistake, close, light, good, bray, noise, hoots, think, you. 127 78,9%


Looking, anxiously, doing, talking, trotting, plodding, patiently, beautiful, lovely, refreshing, working, hardly, pulling, pushing, puffing, blowing, wonderful. 17 10,6%


Tonight, unkind, someone, lion-skin, overhead, anyone, afternoon. 7 4,3%

Phrasel words:

Out of, used to, cut off, so that, tie up, look up, look at, at once, getting up, try on. 10 6,2%

Total: 161 100%

Semantic Analysis:

(C.S. Lewis “The Chronicles of Narnia”)


Parts of human body:

head, shoulders, arms;


minute, two minutes, nights, days, moment, this time, hours, soon.


water, tree, road.

Parts of human body: 3 21,4%

Time: 8 57,2%

Nature: 3 21,4%

Total: 14 100%

Sentence Structural Analysis:

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Реферат на тему: Morphological Analysis (C.S. Lewis “The Chronicles of Narnia”)

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