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Texas (State of Texas)

Texas (State of Texas)
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Texas (State of Texas)

State of Texas
: Lone Star State
: Friendship.
Before Statehood Known as
No official language
- Total | 261,797 
(678,051 ) 
Width | 773,244 ) 
Length | 790,270 km) 
water | 2.5 
Latitude | 25°?50? N to 36°?30? N 
Longitude | 93°?31? W to 106°?39? W  
- Total | 20,851,820 
30.75/kmІ (28th in the US)  
Highest point
| 8,749 (2,667 m) 
Mean | 1,700 (520 m) 
Lowest point | coast
0 (0 m) 
, (28th)
most of state | : -6/ 
tip of | : -7/
Abbreviations |
Web site
Map of Texas, showing major cities and roads
Texas (: /'t?ks?s/) is a geographically located in the . With an area of 261,797miles (678,050І) and a rapidly growing population of 23.5 million spread among 254 counties, Texas is the second largest U.S. state in both area and population. and are the centers of the state's two largest . Other major cities include the state capital of , the state's oldest major city of , and the western city of .
Topographically, the easternmost section of the state is covered by the same that cover much of the . Moving westward, the state gradually becomes more arid, turning into and eventually in the region surrounding . Also, the wide open spaces of the Texan prairie have lent currency to the phrase that "everything is bigger in Texas." Due to its long history as a center of the American cattle industry, Texas is associated throughout much of the world with the image of the .
Because of its large size and unique history, the regional affiliation of Texas is often debated. Historically and culturally, it has very strong ties to the . However, due to Texas's history as a Spanish colony, its border with , and its large population, Texas can also be considered a . Nevertheless, while most residents acknowledge the state belonging to the and/or , many claim an independent "Texan" identity superceding regional labels.
was the first European country to claim Texas. Starting in the 1820s, American and European immigrants began arriving in the area. Texas declared its independence from Mexico in 1836 and existed as the independent for nearly a decade. In 1845, it joined the United States as the 28th state. Texas is one of only four independent states to enter the US federation.[] Annexation of Texas led the United States with Mexico leading to the and helping plant seeds for the . Texas was the 7th state to join the . Near the turn of the 19th century, led to an economic boom in the state and greatly increased . Texas grew rapidly, becoming the second largest state in population 1994, and became economically diversified, with a growing base in high technology.
The state's name derives from tбysha?, a word in the of the , which means "friends" or "allies".
The word Texas has found its way into the English vernacular in ways not directly related to the actual state. Due to the state's large geographic size, the term "Texas sized" is often used to describe large things. The state's name has been used as part of several brands such as the restaurant chain, , the horror movie franchise , and the multinational semiconductor corporation .
A shortened form of Texas, , has been used as a for someone having been born and/or raised in the state. Some people nicknamed "Tex" include basketball coach and original owner . Tex also has been used as a prefix for several words related to Texas including the food style or the city .
The common nickname for the state, The Lone Star State comes from the single star of the former . The star is still found on the state seal and flag, symbolizing Texas's fight for independence and that Texas was an independent republic.

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Реферат на тему: Texas (State of Texas)

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