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Benvenuto Cellini
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The works of decorative art are, speaking broadly, rather florid than chastened in style.
In addition to the bronze statue of Perseus and the medallions already referred to, the works of art in existence today executed by him are a medallion of Clement VII in commemoration of the peace between the Christian princes, , with a bust of the pope on the reverse and a figure of Peace setting fire to a heap of arms in front of the temple of , signed with the artist's name; a medal of Francis I with his portrait, also signed;a medal of Cardinal ; and the celebrated gold, enamel and ivory salt-cellar (known as ) made for Francis I at Vienna. This object, of a value conservatively estimated at US$ 58,000,000, was stolen from the on , . This intricate 16-centimeter-high sculpture was commissioned by Francis I. Crafted with amazingly rich detail and skill, its principal figures are a naked sea god and a woman who sit opposite each other, with legs entwined - a symbolic representation of the planet earth. The thief climbed scaffolding and smashed windows to enter the museum. The thief set off the alarms, but these were ignored as false, and the theft remained undiscovered until 8:20 AM. On , the Saliera was recovered by the Austrian police and is supposed to be returned to the Kunsthistorisches Museum the coming days.
One of the most important works by Cellini from late in his career was a life-size nude crucifix carved from marble. Although originally intended to be placed over his tomb, this crucifix was sold to the Medici family who gave it to Spain. Today the crucifix is in the Monastery near Madrid, where it has usually been displayed in an altered form--the monastery added a loincloth and a crown of thorns. For detailed information about this work, see the text by Juan Lуpez Gajate in the Further Reading section of this article.
Cellini, while employed at the papal mint at Rome during the papacy of Clement VII and later of Paul III, executed the dies of several coins and medals, some of which still survive at this now defunct mint. He was also in the service of , first duke of Florence, for whom he executed in a forty-soldi piece with a bust of the duke on one side and standing figures of the Cosma and Damian on the other. Some connoisseurs attribute to his hand several plaques, "Jupiter crushing the Giants", "Fight between Perseus and ", a Dog, etc.
The important works which have perished include the uncompleted intended for Clement VII; a gold cover for a prayer-book as a gift from Pope Paul III to — both described at length in his autobiography; large silver statues of Jupiter, and Mars, wrought for Francis I during his sojourn in Paris; a bust of ; and a silver cup for the cardinal of Ferrara. The magnificent gold "button", or morse, made by Cellini for the cape of Clement VII, the competition for which is so graphically described in his autobiography, appears to have been sacrificed by , with many other priceless specimens of the goldsmith's art, in furnishing the indemnity of 30,000,000 francs demanded by at the conclusion of the campaign against the in . According to the terms of the treaty, the pope was permitted to pay a third of that sum in plate and jewels. Fortunately there are in the print room of the three drawings of this splendid morse by F. Bertoli, done at the instance of an Englishman named Talman in the first half of the 18th century. The obverse and reverse, as well as the rim, are drawn full size, and moreover the morse with the precious stones set therein, including a diamond then considered the second largest in the world, is fully described.
Cellini in Literature
Not less characteristic of its splendidly gifted and barbarically untameable author are the memoirs which he composed, beginning them in Florence in — a production of the utmost energy, directness and racy animation, setting forth one of the most singular careers in all the annals of fine art. His amours and hatreds, his passions and delights, his love of the sumptuous and the exquisite in , his self-applause and self-assertion, running now and again into extravagances which it is impossible to credit, and difficult to set down as strictly conscious falsehoods, make this one of the most singular and fascinating books in existence.

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Реферат на тему: Benvenuto Cellini

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