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The life of Ukrainian Youth

The life of Ukrainian Youth
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The life of Ukrainian Youth

Nowadays when our independent state Ukraine is developing, much attention is paid for our youth because we are the future of our country. In today’s Ukraine, people aged between 15 and 28 number a little less than 10 million, and their ration is dropping. Some 80 percent of the younger generation various physical malfunctions. Among the problems most actually for our Youth are low personal income, low parent’s take-home pay, and bad living conditions because of our current economical situation. Youth problems are caused not only by today’s economic hardships. The worst destabilising factor in the modern Ukrainian community is the crisis of consciousness and cultural and moral values. Nevertheless our youth take active part in life of community. For example in Greenpeace young people learn to love their land and the world that surrounds them. This organisation protest against environmental pollution, against murder of all animals. Some young people work in their church organisations. Future belongs to the young, that is why the political life of our country is important to us. Many young people are engaged is political parties and organisations such as: “the greens”, the Union of Ukrainian Youth, the Scouts.

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