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Ukrainian-British relationship

Ukrainian-British relationship
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Ukrainian-British relationship

There is no denying the fact that not so long ago Ukraine had very weak connections with other countries in the world. But at present the situation has changed for the better. Ukraine establishes new relations with the countries throughout the world. Ukraine is one of the members of the United Nations Organisation and participates in the work of many international organisations.

Ukraine has wide relations with English-speaking countries such as Great Britain, the United States of America and Canada.

In its international activity Ukraine follows the universally accepted standards and principles of the international law and acknowledges the priority of human values. One of the main principles of the Ukrainian foreign policy is its openness, predictability, and adherence to the civilized rules of conduct in the world arena and in the international relations.

One of the main partners of Ukraine are English-speaking countries. These countries are the major source of potential new technology, hi-tech products and foreign investments for Ukraine. Foremost among them stand Great Britain with the largest economic, financial, production, market, and scientific, technological and military potential. The agro-industrial complex, power engineering, aerospace industry and heath care is priority areas of Ukrainian-British co-operation.

Certainly Ukraine has diplomatic relations with all these countries. It means that they have ambassadors in Ukraine and we have Ukrainian diplomatic missions in these countries. We have some joint political projects.

Scientific co-operation is also very important because Ukrainian science is very good but it has not enough money for experiments. We have joint projects for space exploration with the USA, Canada and Great Britain. In future Ukraine will launch some space rockets from Canadian territory.

Speaking about cultural exchanges I must admit that they are very intensive too.

Besides we have wide relations with these countries in education. We exchange students and teachers.

It’s common knowledge that tourism is very popular nowadays. And our country also has wide relations with many countries in this sphere too.

I must say, that we have special relations with the USA and Canada because there are many people who are Ukrainians by origin. So there is a Ministry for Diaspora in Ukraine that solves the problem of relations between our country and Ukrainians abroad.

As you can see Ukraine became as equals with world community and develop the relations with English-speaking countries in all spheres of human life.

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