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Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz
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Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz waving for the camera at the 2005 while promoting
Birth name | Cameron Michelle Diaz
Born | , (1972-08-30) (age 34)
, ,
Notable roles | Tina Carlyle in (1994)
Mary Jensen in (1998)
Lotte Schwartz in (1999)
Natalie Cook in (2000)
in (2001)
Julie Gianni in (2001)
Christina Walters in (2002)

Cameron Michelle Diaz (born , ) in , is a four-time nominated and former . She is well known for her roles in blockbuster movies such as , , , , , , , and . Diaz is the second of two actresses (the other being ) to join the coveted "" after receiving this salary for .
Early life
Diaz was born in . Her second-generation father, Emilio Diaz, worked as a foreman for an oil company, and her mother, Billie Early (who has English, and Cherokee ancestry), worked as an exporting agent. Diaz attended at the same time of rapper . During her school days, she was called by her classmates because she was so thin.
At age 17, she began her career as a fashion model. Diaz signed with top modeling agency, . After graduating from high school, she went to work in and met video director Carlo de la Torre. On her return to America, she moved in with him. For the next few years, her modeling took her around the world, working for contracts with major companies. She modelled for designers such as and . She also graced the cover of the July 1990 issue of magazines.
At the age of 21, Diaz auditioned for the film . Even though she had no previous acting experience, she was cast as the female lead. She signed up for acting lessons right after getting the part. Over the next three years, she won roles in low-budget, , such as , , and .
She then regained mainstream success with her roles in and . She won critical acclaim for her performance in , which earned her Best Supporting Actress nominations at the , the and the .
Cameron Diaz with and at the , photo by Rita Molnбr
During the 1999-2000 period, Diaz starred in many films, such as , , , and the hit adaptation of . In 2001, she won nominations for Best Supporting Actress at the , the and the for , and also voiced in , for which she earned $10 million. In 2003, Diaz received another Golden Globe nomination for ’s epic , and became the second actress (after Wedding costar ) to earn $20 million for a role, receiving the sum for . After Full Throttle, Diaz only appeared in three films, , and .
During 2004 and early , Diaz explored some of the environmentally unique locations on the planet while discovering ways to help preserve them for the 10-episode series which featured numerous celebrities and friends of Diaz, such as , , , and .
Diaz was mentioned regularly in comedy series , being referred to lovingly as 'Cameron Up-Diaz', and is credited as having appeared in one episode in 2003.

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