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The drug problem among the British teenagers

The drug problem among the British teenagers
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на тему:
The drug problem among
the British teenagers

What did the European survey show?
The most spread species of drugs.
Hallucinatory drugs
Tranquillisers & Sedatives
A story about Simon Foster.
Report of Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence.
A new anti-drug campaign & it's help.
Bibliography list
The title of this paper is "The drug problem among the British teenagers". At present there exists a big problem, concerning many teenagers. This is the problem of drug addiction.
The government of many countries takes measures to eliminate this addiction. But even in such developed country as Great Britain these measures aren't very effective. However the police very often arrest 12- & 13-year-old drug users.
The aim of my scientific work is to expose the harm of the drug addiction & to explain it to the Ukrainian youth, because the drug problem is a very big problem. If we don't stop it, the damage to humanity will be irreparable loss. The consequence of the drug-use in many cases is the death.
What did the European survey show?
Nowadays, there many secret groupings devoted to spreading of drugs. There are many kinds of drugs & that's why many teenagers cannot resist the drugs' temptation.
That's why last year, a European survey showed that the number of teenagers who had tried drugs was 6 per cent in Greece, 15 per cent in France and 30 per cent in Britain.
Statistics show that drug use by British teenagers has doubled since 1989. Half teenagers who were interviewed admitted they had tried at least one type of drug. 70 per cent said they had been offered drugs in the past 3 months.
The drugs that the government is most worried about are stimulant drugs such as Speed and Ecstasy (or 'E' as it is commonly known) and hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD. They are worried that many young people believe these drugs to be exciting and fashionable. They think that many of teenagers will be influenced by films such as Transporting and Pulp Fiction, which show attractive people taking drugs.
The most spread species of drugs.
It must be noted that the most spread species of drugs are cannabis, cocaine, heroin & others. The following paragraph deals with the short story about every of them
Cannabis. Commonly found in herbal form, looking like sage or dried herbs, or as a resin, resembling chunks of liquorice or a golden powder. Usually smoked by mixing with tobacco; gives off aromatic, slightly sickly smell. Produces feeling of elation, relaxation. Can cause psychological dependence and short-term memory loss; increases risk of bronchitis and other lung problems.
Cocaine. Fine, white crystalline powder, usually taken by sniffing it up a use or by injection. Produces state of euphoria. Prolonged "snorting" causes ulceration and perforation of the nasal septum. Crack cocaine is a smokable form, varying from yellow/beige "rocks" to white powder. Powerfully psychologically addictive. Produces rush of euphoria followed by rapid depression.
Heroin. White or speckled browns powder; can be sniffed, injected, or heated and the resulting fumes then inhaled. Produces relaxed euphoria, dehydration and lack of appetite. Highly addictive.
Amphetamines. Commonly a powder found in a variety of colours, but may be in pill or capsule form. Taken orally, injected or inhaled, amphetamines cause excitability, talkativeness, feeling of unlimited energy. Regular use can lead to weight loss and psychological dependence.
Ecstasy. Tablet or capsule in a variety of colours and forms. Increases awareness and energy, inhibitions disappear; causes dehydration, increased blood pressure and heart rate; may affect co-ordination. Has been linked with fatalities.
Hallucinatory drugs. LSD—taken by mouth, as tiny coloured tablets, or impregnated in paper or gelatine squares. Effects include heightened awareness of sound and colour, hallucinations; may also cause disorientation, panic, persecution mania and conviction of invincibility.

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Реферат на тему: The drug problem among the British teenagers

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