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Формування особистості та поведінки маленьких дітей з позиції біхевіоризму / сторінка 16

Формування особистості та поведінки маленьких дітей з позиції біхевіоризму
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Some things seem terrible to him, but others can be wonderful. He child may love his parent one minute but hates the next. Each age may bring change for the “worse” but it’s also quite certain to bring changes for the better. The parents should remember that all children differ and that each child has he or her characteristic ways of behaviour. The child during his life go through different stages of behaviour and he makes this in his own individual way just remember what parents often say: Oh, Johnny’s always been like that let him take his time. He doesn’t + mix with the other children he just likes to play by himself or she’s never been a good pupil but she’s a wonderful help at home. Many years of studying individuality and individual’s behaviour show that we behave as we do because of the way our bodies are buiet. This way is called constitutional psychology. One or the most important things that parents can do it if they want to know worse about their child’s personality is to familiarize theme – selves. They should know the differences in structure knowing and understanding these differences in structure will help to understand differences in human behaviour. Many scientists believe that from the way a human being is buiet the can predict how he might act (his eating, sleeping, social behaviour), what kind of behaviour he’ll in different situations, the possibility or impossibility of achieving a succers in activities requiring physical skill. The parents ought to be sure in the interest of their child in competition, to what extent he’ll express emotions his if he has courage and how much for combat how bravely he’ll face physical pain. For example a person who shows indifference in the face of pain is exercising no more will power than the one who flinches at physical pain. His reaction on pain may be different because of his body structure. Under stranding all these differences parents must take into consideration that are result if basic differences in physical structure and not the result of the at the surroundings. This will help them in their efforts to understand not only their children but themselves as well. All of us must remember that human behavior is untruly determined by hereditary factors. The body structure provides only the, raw material, out of which personality is formed. Scientists use to speak about three main physical types of course each person is a combination of these three different components but in most people one on the other type predominates. These types are endomorphy, mesomorphy and ectomorphy. The main characteristic of endomorph: they are fat, soft eaters. Mesomorphs are hard, firm upright, strong; love exercise and activity; love to dominate; ectomorphs are thin, fragile, linear; in their behaviour they show restraint inhibition oversensive fiveness, desre, to conceal. These three types individual has different drivers, responses, interests, the famous American psychologist lums up these differences by saying that the endomorph exercises and attends in order to eat; the mesomorph eats and attends in order to exercise and ectomorph eats and exercises in order to atten – the second important approach to understand any individuality is to note how the individual behaves under certain circumstances and to determine the ways in which that behavior shows certain predictable qualities. Scientists distinguish two main types of children: focal (those who focalize or concernrale always on one ting close at hand) and peripherd (those who are all over the place anon) respond to many different things change quickly, they, are flexi the and versatile). It’s an open secret that a favorable environment permits each individual to develop his or her most positive assets for living. At the same time an unfavorable environments, good or bad may inhibit and depress natural potentials. But no environment can change a child from one kind of individual to another.

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