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автоматизовані стендові випробування машинобудівних виробів / сторінка 19

автоматизовані стендові випробування машинобудівних виробів
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Вибрані критерії, що характеризують якісні показники складних машинобудівних об'єктів, встановлені якісні і кількісні зв'язки між вхідними і вихідними параметрами, що дозволяють оцінювати працездатність об'єктів і виробів. Запропонований метод опису складних машинобудівних об'єктів і процесів в автоматизованій системі випробувань з вибором найбільш інформативних параметрів і характеристик. Розроблені методи і алгоритми ідентифікації і оцінки стану випробуваних об'єктів, що задовольняють інформаційному критерію якості, в тому числі в умовах використання непрямої і неповної апріорної інформації.
Ключові слова: автоматизовані системи випробувань, математичне моделювання, ідентифікація і оцінка стану складних динамічних систем.
Pervukhina E.L. Automated Systems for Branch Testing of Products in Mechanical Engineering. – Manuscript.
Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Sciences (specialty 05.13.07 – Automating of Technological Processes). – Sevastopol National Technical University, Sevastopol, 2003.
The dissertation is devoted to the problem solution to develop the scientific and technical base for the automated systems and methodology of branch tests in machine-building to increase an exactness and informing of results and to reduce terms. The approaches to the solution are as follows: mathematical approach is related to development of the methods to estimate state of tested objects; informative one is connected with the development and realization of software principles for the automated tests; methodological one reflects a new structure of the tests organization. The main directions of researches are: establishment of structural communications of facilities of the automated branch tests; description of the objects under study by the models adequate to a priori information; development of methods for identification and estimation of the objects state in the real time, able to adapt to the supposed practical situations. Effective methodology of technological processes of branch tests and universal automated system, including the methods of preparation, conducting and data processing, have been developed. It allows to analyze information on the state operatively and propose the recommendations to modify technological solutions.
Quality and quantitative relations between the elements of the systems of the automated tests, that permitted to develop a new complex of methods, algorithms and procedures of modeling under the conditions of incomplete and indirect information on the objects and tests processes, are described.
The solution of main problem is got by ranging of local tasks. Essence of solution decision and its novelty consists in the complex mentioned approaches, and logic and deductive strategy of the data processing oriented to successive analytical description of the tested objects and their functioning.
The choice of informative parameters consists in the ranging in accordance of information criterion to distinct different states of the examined objects. The biggest values of information criterion are correspondent to the most informative parameters. This is a principal to form the vector of measurement vector of optimal dimension.
The complex of mathematical models for the elements of the automated system includes: multidimensional stochastic systems to describe parameters of examined objects in the terms of multidimensional surfaces; time series on the base of dynamic measurement series of parameters; qualitative dependences between input and output structural and regime parameters.
The developed methodology of the automated process of branch tests of machine-building wares differs by the choice of rational parameters, minimum terms, adequate results, and possibility of exposure of quality reserves. The system of estimation of the state of complicated machines under the conditions of a priori information uncertainty during their branch tests has been optimized.
The method of increase of authenticity of estimation of the state of objects due to use of forecast results has been developed.

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