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Боярство Галицько-Волинської держави (XII – XIV ст.) / сторінка 15

Боярство Галицько-Волинської держави (XII – XIV ст.)
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Petryk A.M. The Boyars of the Halych-Volhynian State (12-th – 14-th centuries). – Manuscript.
The thesis for the degree of Candidate of Sciences in History, specialization 07.00.01 – History of Ukraine – I.Krypiakevych Institute of Ukrainian Studies, Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences. – Lviv, 2007.
The author characteristic features and peculiarities of boyars’ political development in the 12-th-14-th centuries Halych-Volhynian state. The other aspect of the research is concerns the study of the economic grounds of the boyars' political power, which the reflected in the organizational functioning of boyars' ancestral estates and fiefs, presence of inherited landownerships, economy management, agriculture complex structure, existence of various auxiliary crafts and the participation of boyars' in that time trade operations.
Establishment and development of boyars’ kins is traced, their role in political development of the state is described, the marriage contacts of Halychyna and Volhynian boyars are show. The following factors which influenced the ideological doctrine of boyars are found out: service to the kin, service to the prince, service to the country, service to the Christian values. Organization of private life, and boyars’ influence on the general level of culture and education is studied.
Activity of boyars’ parties and grouppings is analysed in the causes, reasons and consequences of conflicts between Halychyna and Volhynia boyars are elucidated, reasons of their common actions are considered. Never were the boyars a monolithic and unique organism in their aspirations. They were torn apart by self-contradictions of both political and personal character. Economic strengthening of boyars – as a result of combination of the patrimonial and official system of landownership – and, of bourgeasy – as a result of development of handicraft, trading and usury, put the dominating strata of population in the position of a real leading social force, created serious basis motives for their political claims.
Key words: Boyars, kin, party, grouppings, estate, Halych land-principality, Volhynian land-principality, Halych-Volhynian State.

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