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Гурток англійської мови

Гурток англійської мови
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Урок на тему:
"Гурток англійської мови"

- ознайомлення учнів з деякими фактами англомовної культури й традиціями Англії;
- поглиблення знань з теми «English holidays»;
- збагачення мови учнів новими лексичними поняттями;
- формування комунікативної і соціокультурної Компетенцій.
Today we shall speak about one of the most popular English traditions celebrating of Christmas. Christmas day is celebrated on December 25. Many people look on Christmas as time to celebrate the earliest times.
In those days the sun meant so much to primitive people that when it began to lover each day till December 23, people thought the sun was going to die and they were worried. They ate less keeping the food for the next year.
On December 23 the sun stayed in the sky longer and after that the nights were becoming shorter and shorter. @When this happened the primitive man was very happy. He wanted to celebrate it.
Nowadays the 25 of December had become the day of the birth of Jesus Christ. No one knows the exact day of Christ’s birth, but most Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25.
People of different countries celebrate Christmas in various ways. But some traditions of celebrating it are common for all the countries. Two of them should be mentioned here. They are to decorate Christmas tree and to light candles. These traditions also go back to ancient times. In the earliest times green trees were symbols of life. People also believed that candle’s light helped them to forget the darkness of winter.
Now we should like it show you, how Christmas is celebrated in the English family. Here are the members of that family; Mr.Brown, the father. He works in an office in London. Mrs.Brown, his wife. She is a house-keeper.
Their two daughters, Mag and Betty. Mag is 11 and Betty is 12.
They are schoolgirls.
Browns live in a little town near London.
Be very attentive. Try to understand and remember as much as you can.
Hi, Daddy! Why are you so early today?
You see, today is Christmas eve. And on that day all the offices are closed at 1 o’clock. And what are you doing?
We are writing letters to Santa Claus. Listen what I have written: “Dear Santy! My name is Betty. I am 12. I am a schoolgirl. I think I am a good girl. I get only good marks at school and I always help my mother about the house. I know that on Christmas Day you bring presents to good children. Please, bring me a new doll. I wish you be happy and healthy.
Sincerely yours
Betty Brown”
A nice letter. And what about you, Mag? What do you want
Santa Claus to bring you?
“Dear Santa Claus! I am Mag and I am 11, I go to school. I should say I am an obedient girl. I am a good pupil and I always clean my room myself. I help my mother to wash up. I like animals very much and I want to have one at home. Please, Bring me a little puppy. I shall look after it carefully.
Thank you very much.
Your Mag.”
Your letter is not worse than your sister’s one. You are good girls and I think Santa Claus will bring you all you want.
Daddy, don’t you know where Santa Claus lives? We don’t know his address.
He lives in Norway, in the very North of this country in an ice-house.
And how does he get here, to our country&
He has special sledge pulled by reindeer. When Christmas comes he takes presents, sits down in his sledge and arrives to our country.
Mrs.Brown is coming into the room.
Oh, darling, you are at home! What a hard day! I have already cleaned up the house, done all the shopping. Now I am thinking about Christmas dinner. What about stiffed turkey with mashed potatoes?
It’s great! Mummy: and a pie&
It is already in the oven.
I see /принюхується/
Oh, my pumpkin pie! /тікає /
And now, girls, let’s do another thing. We have to congratulate our relatives. I have already written Christmas cards to our aunts and uncles.

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